That's my birth house. It is a little bit warmer and better than 5 Girvan St, but I miss also you guys (but not the damn cold rooms in the wintertime, when I tell the story here about the blankets and how cold it was, nobody believes me).



My mom arrived just from shopping (food for me :-) ). That is another advantage, I don't have to cook all the time for myself (my stomach is getting better), therefore I have to do other stuff. In the morning for example I went to my grand mom to affix a fire warner but that is okay and it makes fun to do this. Well, my grand asked me five times if I have been away (she is 90).


And that is how a proper living room looks like. There are no holes in the sofa. Also it is warm and nice.


And that is my heater at the moment.


And my new office


nature in offenbach (that is not a joke)

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