On the way to the bike shop I rode my bike through a park. There is the Soup tureen What is the Soup tureen? Well, when I was young I went there for bobsleigh That was awesome fun with Ina, my kindergarten-girl-friend :-).

Soup tureen


Everybody in germany has do something like a biking licence. Well, don't start laughing, that's is true. You have to do it in the primary school (I was the best of the class). The practial course was here.

Biking course






After this short ride thourgh the park I arrived at the bike shop where I work for one, two, three, I don't know how much years. This workshop was my place for a lot of hours.

Tobi in the workshop


I was more a mechanical than a seller. I don't know why but in my whole career I sold only a few bikes.

Awesome bikes

here is link to the homepage of my shop:

on the way back home I stoped at the best soccer team of the world for a few seconds

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