and the Oktoberfest

This is especially for my international friends, who asked me often if I have been on the "Oktoberfest". It was the first time for me last Autumn (10.2001). I visited THE DAHLHEIMERS the all there friends. We had also some nice days in Ingoldstadt and enjoyed the Autumn.


little chestnut pip

Gero, Anita and I I

We met us in Ingoldstadt, which is really next to Munich. Oh, sorry, we, this are Tanja and Nina from Offenbach/Germany (I played Badminton with them), Alan (Boyfriend of Tanja) and Gero from Gudalahara/Mexico (they are studying in Ingoldstadt for one year and perhaps or hopefully longer and Anita and Sandra from Mexico City (I lived in the house of Anita for a couple of days).

Subway to Munich

show your teeth

Tanja, Alan, I, Anita, Gero and Nina Anita, I and Gero

And then we catched the train to Munich. Bevor we arrived we showed our teeth so everybody was afraid of us (I think we were more afraid about the roller coaster).

6 * lliter bier + 0.5kg/per glass= ?!?
headache in the morning

The first thing what you need on the Oktoberfest is BEER. So I ordered some and we drunk a little bit.

And then we started to danze

a original Bavarian and a original Mexican

Alan and german beer

typically german waiter

hmmmmmmm, this taste good normally they carry up to 16 beers,
I was just before dying when I tried to carry 6

we started to dance

next morning

because we want to loose our
kalorien of the beer
good breakfast in Ninas flat

two of my favorite pictures
autumn in germany

Alan and gero

Anita and I

I need a digitalcamera the same place as yesterday

a lake next to Dachau( near by Munich)

After four nice days in South Germany my parents pick me up and we travelled to South Tirol (in the north of austria, directly after the boarder and the Brenner). There I did a lot of cycling and enjoyed the beautiful autumn (sorry, but I have only a picture of a dog next to the high mountains).

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