On the way

6.7.99      Frankfurt-Keflavik, 3000 km, 3 h


Finally the day has come. We (Timo Reith, Martin Wenzel, Martin Deißmann and me) did a bit of organizing, but actually we didn't know exactly what will happen. I stopped to work at 2.30 pm, our plane left from Frankfurt at about 10 pm. In between I had to go to the supermarket and say goodbye to my grand. I got the big car of my dad's company and we put all the bikes on. Just after finishing that it started to rain like cats and dogs (that was a good start, but we had to fight against worse). At the airport we had a little bit trouble with our luggage, it was a little bit too much, like always.Each of us had about 30 kg, allowed were only 20 but the girls of the air company were nice.

out of the airplane



The plane flew about 3 hours


we arrived at about 3 am local time, due to the fact that iceland is way up in the north is was already bright



The fist thing we had to do was to put the bikes together.
That was quite a bit of work


The crew

Martin W.
Martin D.


We slept the first night (morning) under this bridge. At 3 am it is quite difficult to find a camping ground, this was the easiest way. In the morning we saw the sun, but this should last for long. This few solar rays were the only once for the whole fist week.

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