The first day in Iceland

7.7.99      Keflavik-Reykjavik, 50km, 3.5h

We woke up early, not because of the sun, because of a motorbike which passed through the tunnel. I rode my bike to town and tried to find a shop. This wasn't too easy because Keflavik has only about 10000 citizens. Finally I found one, but I was really shocked of the prices for food you have to pay. A quarter of milk cost about 1.5 Deutsche Mark. Anyway, we were hungry and need some food. After a nice breakfast next to the bridge with a loot of sunshine we left Keflavik towards Reykjavik.

Before we left germany we had look on the map of Iceland, for sure we planed our trip. It seemed that that the track form Keflavik to Reykjavik is flat and so we shouldn't have problems. Well, we had problems with the track, it was flat, but the wind was incredible head wind, we couldn't ride faster than 10 km/h. This should be the worst head wind, but now we knew what it means in some books: strong head wind

Martin W. and Martin D. fighting against the wind and the cold


not often in the fist week, sunshine



After 3,5 hours we arrived in Reykjavik.The first thing we did was some shopping, we thought it might be cheaper in a big town, but that was right. We stayed in Reykjavik for one night, we had a longer stop there at the end of our trip.






me in front of a supermarket


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