The first experiences

8.7.99      Reykjavik-Katastrandur/Rirkglur,     3rd day

Normally we wanted to start at about 8.30 am, but it was raining and so we stayed in the tents for a long time. At about 10 Martin was walking around outside and said: "Hey guys, the weather isn't so bad, it seems only so under the tent". That was true, under the tent it sound like a heavy rain, but it was to bad. After changing some money and organizing other stuff (we wouldn't see a big city for ages) we started finally at about 4 pm towards Selfoss (at least that was our aim).


The fist landscape
at 5 pm in the darkness

The weather was really cray at the begin


long highway
stability ?!?
building up the tents


Our aim was Selfoss. Due to the fact that the weather was really crazy we decided to look for a camping ground. We couldn't find one and so we asked the neighbors of a church if we could sleep next to it on the yard. Further more we used the graveyard house.


Planing the trip in the dry graveyard house.

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