Geothermal energy

9.7.99      Kastrandarkirjur-Hella,  54 km, 3h,   4th day

From Kastrandarkirjur (try to pronounce it) we rode our bikes to Hella. Also this day interesting. You learn to know what it means to travel around with a bike. The weather was still not really nice and it was cold. We reached Hella and decided to visit one of the typical swimming pools. That is one special thing in Iceland. Everywhere, really everywhere, even in the smallest city with only 200 citizens, you will find a swimming pool. Due to the fact that Iceland is on a gap between two continental plates there is a lot of energy coming out of the bottom. The people there use it for geothermal energy and for everything else, so for swiming pools, they have enough of it (I have been at a place where





After the nice warm bath we went to the supermarket, got some food and went to the camping ground. We put up our tents next to a sport area where the Icelandic people practiced there favorite sport, horse riding. Another fact which we noticed soon is that it is quite bright, even in the night. The picture below was made at about 12 pm, it was still bright enough to read a book.


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