10.7.99      Hella-Hvölnvollut-Skogur, 61km,  5th day

The weather is still not really nice but we are tough (at least we thought so). We jumped on our bikes with oomph (sorry, I don't know the right word for it, I hope you understand me). Normally we want to ride to Skogur but after 20 km's fighting against rains and wind we decided to take the bus.

riding the bike
damn cold and wet, too much rain, summer time


We arrived at Skogur, one of the highlights in the first week. There is a huge waterfall. The water falls down about 60 m. If you stand too close to it (30m) you get wet.

martin in front of a 60 m high waterfall, getting wet


where is all the water coming from


the water is running
quite high


the valley behind the waterfall
timo and me in front of the waterfall with a kickers offenbach scarf


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