Open air museum

11.7.99      Skogar, relax , 6th day

We did the first stop of bike riding. Skogar is a really nice place to do this. Not only the waterfall is worth a stop, furthermore there is a museum of icelandic history. It has an open air part with old typical icelandic houses (grass on the roof), an old church (the museum director play a german christmas song for us on a organ) and an inside part where former engines and hardware are shown.

we in front of the open air museum
do you have a problem with me ???


Old wale fishing cloth

I have never seen such a big variety of stuff in a museum. Here for example you can see old fishing cloth.With this stuff the people went out for wale fishing, that must be damn cold (I think about how good our equipment is compared to that one and we are cold.


The museum director was a really nice person. He was about 80 years and the museum was his big hobby. We were really wet when we came to the museum and all our stuff was wet. I guess we looked poor and the old man sympathized with us. He asked us if we want to sleep in the basement of the museum. We hadn't to think a long time about this offer and said yes. In the basement was another museum, well it was only the store for the normal museum but it would be enough for a german museum. Anyway, we could try our stuff and look a little bit more around.


We planed our trip before we left germany and I did a bike tour before but still we did some mistakes. We had too much stuff (e.g.: we had a drying line, no one needs that in raining Iceland). In the museum we decided to put some stuff together and sent it by post to Reykjavik. Each of us gave about 5 kg away.

me in a old car
too much stuff for biking



After being all day long inside we left the museum for a hike.Skogar is a good spot to start awesome hikes. You can reach there the biggest glacier of europe. We hadn't the weather, equipment and time to do this. But we walked a little bit up the valley for about 2 hours, than we were damn wet and turned around.


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