Long ride

12.7.99      Skogar - Kirkubärjarklaustur, 120 km, 5:30 h, 7th day

After a nice shower and a damn good sleep in a bed we collected our cloth from the heaters. That was quite bit of work. Normally we wanted to start at about 9:30 am but Mr. Jonnasson (the director) invited us for breakfast. He was really a good guy. Some friends of mine (Karina and Sabine from Darmstadt) visited him 3 years later, I gave them a picture of us 4 with him but he couldn't remember told us Sabine.

on the road again
this is not rain, that is Iceland


long road
We rode a long track this day. Sometimes it was crazy, you couldn't see the end of the road. We stopped in a small town (I forgot the name) and we bought some food and brought the box with our stuff to the post office.


In the town we ate some food and sat on a bench for a few minutes. Some kids came around and I had still too much energy, so I played with them.


And then, we couldn't be live it, the sun came out for the first time in one week. That was amazing. It was like a normal summer day, warm. We had good fun.

jupi, summer
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is that the right way
well, do we have another opportunity


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