Glacier calving

15.7.99      Skaftafell-Jokulsarlon-Höfn (Höpn), 143 km, 6:43 h, 10th day

The sun woke me up, awesome. The weather was a nice as yesterday. We packed our stuff together and left Skaftafell, this was a really impressive place but the next one should be impressive as well. After 60 km's we reached the glacier lake Jokulsarlon. There the glacier is melting and ice bricks fall in a lake, in german you call this "der Gletscher kalbt". I don't know the right word in english and it is difficult to find it. I hope you understand what I mean :-) .


There was also the possibility to go on a boat tour with a special boat. We didn't do this because it was damn expensive. At least it was interesting to watch it.


In the lake you could see so many different formations of the ice, this was impressive. Sometimes big ice bricks fell in the lake.


More ice formations in the lake.





I have never seen such an lake before of this size. After a long stop and a huge meal (burger with chips for 18 DM, expensive Iceland) with jumped on our bikes again and road them through a desert. It was a totally different kind of nature.

the dessert
our way

Around the Island of Iceland is only one road. This road is normally in a good condition, it is asphalt. At this part it isn't. It is only a gravel road with a lot of dust. It is interesting that the only connection for the whole east part of iceland is a gravel road.


We reached Höfn after a long exhausting ride. We went to the supermarket and got some food, that was really necessary. Höfn is the biggest town in the east of Iceland but compared to germany not a big town.

did we got enough?
Höfn at night time


the mountains behind Höfn


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