Where the hell we are?

16.7.99     Höfn - Djupivogur, 109 km, 5:31 h, 11th day

Again I woke up and the sun was shining. But this should last for long. The weather changed to ... (I don't have to talk about it anymore I guess). Direct after Höfn was a steep climb with 16 %, makes a lot of fun in the morning.


"keep on climbing Timo"


After this steep climb we reached a nice big valley. As long and as wide as you can watch.


We had to cycle through the whole valley. Sometimes it seemed that it would stop.

do you see the end?


After a while Martin W. had problems with his knee. He couldn't bike anymore. We talked about it and he decided that he want to try to get a lift. We concert that we will meet us in Djupivogur. The next 70 km's nothing special happened apart from that I got a nice lee of a tractor. That was really cool especially because in Iceland it is not only raining all the time furthermore you have terrible head wind. We finally reached Djupivogur and put up our tents.


Next to the camping ground was an old house where we could cook and warm up. Well, I wouldn't say that this was official but no one wants to have money of us but there was an camping ground sign (an really old one :-) ).


check it out


warm up

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