Summer time

13.7.99      Kirkubärjarklaustur - Skaftafell, 75 km, 3:45 h, 8th day

We said good bye to the incredible town (Kirkubär... what ???). In the morning the weather conditions weren't fine, but they got worse. We started at about 12:30 pm during drizzle. The drizzle changed to a rain and it got really cold. Further more we had to pass some steep climbs, 12 % isn't a fun with bike packs.


After a while we crossed another amazing waterfall. This one was totally different the this one in Skogar.


After 35 km we reached Nupssadtur (another tongue breaker). This is a small village with old typical buildings from the last century. The only house which you could go in was the church, the others were private. It was really cold and so we decided to go in and have some cookies (normally we wouldn't eat in a church, but it was really necessary). The church was small but quite nice.

picnic in the church
through the village, summer time ?!?


After this break we rode our bikes along the road which leads between the ocean and the big glacier.


Just before Skaftafell (10 km's) a really strong rain started. We got wet. When we reached Skaftafell we weren't happy. Some even thought about going back to home with the airplane.

good to be under a roof
warming upppppp


After a while we got warm and we were all happy (well, I can only tell you my feelings). At about 1 am we decided to go on the glacier which was next to the camping ground. Perhaps you think now: "What, a glacier next to a camping ground?" Well, that is Iceland. To go on a glacier you should be well prepared. Well, I am not talking about crampons, you don't need them at the bottom of this glacier, this one is really flat. It was wet, the ice was melting (it was summer) so we prepared our shoes.


On the glacier

damn good feeling to ride a bike on a glacier
sitting on it


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