Too high and too cold

18.7.99     Djupivogur - Oxipass - Eglistadir, 92,5 km, 6:45 h, 13th day

Again the sun awoke me. I was quite happy about that, but this should change also soon. We started the day with a proper breakfast. After that we went with Timo and Martin to the bus station, they didn't want to do this trip, then we jumped on our bikes.


The first 23 km's weren't too hard, we had to ride along the fjord and had back wind. At the end of this fjord we had to decide if we want to cross the Oxipass or ride around the pass which would be more km's. We decided to take the shorter track (well, in km's, not in time I guess, but at this time we didn't know that). We had to climb on a gravel road with a gradient of sometimes 20%. We had to cross also creeks (well, you could call them river). After a least two hours we arrived at the top. There was a small cabin. Due to the fact that there is a lot of wind (this pass is about 1000 m high) the cabin was fixed with iron wires. We stopped at the cabin and had some cookies.


We tried to get a little bit warmer and rode our bikes down. At the bottom of the pass there was a sign that you should use that track only with a four wheel drive car.


one of the rivers next to the track


the same river from another position


After we reached the normal road we had to ride another 45 km's. For sure we had head wind (I guess I don't have to explain this). We finally arrived in Eglissstadir. I was totally exhausted.

A foot after crossing a few creeks and riding through rain.


In the late evening we put up our tents (I guess it was a least 10 pm and still bright).

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