Longest ride, through the desert

19.7.99     Eglistadir - Reykjahildt, 178,3 km, 9:56 h, 14th day

At the camping ground in Eglistadir we met Jose from Swiss. He was traveling alone. He want to ride from the top of Iceland through the whole country, take the ship to GB, cross GB, take the ship to Germany and ride home to Swiss, crazy. Due to the fact that the last few days were really exhausting I was the only one who was still riding my bike, the others took the bus or hitch hiked. Jose and me had the same way and so we rode together the first 100 km's this day.
After 50 km's we reached a gas station (the only shop in that area). We bought some food and had a rest.

Jose in front of the gas station


Jose riding


Again we had to cross a pass. At the top you had an amazing few over a huge long valley (in the back of me on the picture below). It was huger than every valley I have seen before.


Jose through the valley.


We started to say goodbye because Jose left in five more km's. I was a little bit sad about that. Well, I knew Jose only for short time but we understood very well. In this loneliness you are quite happy about meeting people. Now I had to ride on my own.


I did a break next to a church and saw a horse. It was standing next to the wall, nobody else was around.


the horse


The next 80 km's were really hard. It became late and boring. Furthermore I was a little bit afraid being alone out in the desert (well, there are no lions but you never know). Finally I arrived in Reykjahildt at Myvatn. Myvatn is an geothermal active area, a lot of stuff to see (see the next days). Timo and Martin Wensel (this two guys tried to hitch hike) didn't arrived there, that was a little bit scary, Martin D. arrived 2 hours before me.

The area of Myvatn


long ride

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