OFC and the volcano

21.7.99     Myvatn: at the volcano, 16th day

Still being in that amazing area. Today we decided to climb on a volcano. Well, it is not such high that you have to climb but still it needs some time to get up. The first part we could do it with our bikes but after a while it was too steep and we had to push the bikes.


We reached the top and had an amazing few over the whole area In the middle you can see the eruption cone. I am not too familiar with this volcano's and so I don't know the right terms but everything what you can see belongs to the volcano. We walked down, this took at least half an hour (later on you will see how big the volcano is, we did some good stuff). All over the bottom of the volcano you can see character, hearts and phrases like "I love you".


We (Timo and me) had the stupid idea to do the same. We wanted to do the biggest. But what should we do, we didn't had a girlfriend, our parents were to far away and so they would see it. Well, both of us are Kickers Offenbach fans. What is Kickers Offenbach, if you want to know that, clickhere

can you see something ???

Do you know what the yellow dot is???


have a closer look


It is Timo and me after a four hour job


and a even closer look


It was quite hard work. Some stones could be lifted only by two people. But we were the biggest once (and we were proud of it). Hey, if anyone will be once in Iceland could you please tell me if it is still there, that would be cool.

greetings to erwin

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