Big waterfall

23.7.99         Reykjahildt - Akurery, 112 km, 5:43h, 18th day

After the last three days with really nice weather it was a little bit worse, well, you could say it was normal (rain, cold, ...). The temperature was about 6 degrees celcius. I went to the supermarket and we left Reykjahildt and the Myvatn region with a blubber eye (I guess you don't have this expression in english, sorry, but I am not a native speaker but I'm getting there).

stop at the gas station

After 40 km's we arrived at a gas station (that was the only thing we saw in that time between Myvatn and there). We stopped there and got a coffee.


One of the most famost waterfalls in Iceland is the Godafoss. It is really huge and makes a lot of noise. The name Godafoss means something like: Waterfall of god (I am not hundred percent sure about that but if I am right goda means god and foss means waterfall).


a lot of water is falling down


After an exhausting ride we arrived in Akurery. Akurery is the capital of the north. It has a population of about 20 000 people. That is not much but in the northern part of Iceland that is a lot (in Iceland life about 300 000 people, 200 000 in Reyjavik and the area around).



As soon as we arrived with our bikes in town we met some guys from Offenbach, actually they went to the same school as we did (Leibniz). We talked with them and we concert us for an evening dinner on the camping ground (pasta with tomato sauce). For digesting we did a biketour through town. There we saw something what we couldn't belive. I read a lot in the tour guied book about it but you can't belive it if you haven't seen it. Actually I don't have any pictures of it. Well, what was so crazy in that town.
In the late evening and during the whole nigth the young kids of the town and from outside came with their cars (or that of there parents) to the main center and drove around the circle. There wasn't only one car, there were at least 50 cars. Furthermore there were not only boys with there friends sitting in, no, also only girls drove around this circle, alone in a car. What the hell is so interessting to drive a car for 5 hours around a circle, alone. I couldn't understand that.


Another amazing thing in Akuery was the brightness. Akurery was the most northerly part of our trip. It didn't got dark. It was a special kind of light.





It was really interessting to be there so we decided to stay there one more day ...

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