25.7.99     Akurery - Oxnadalpass, 57 km, 4:30h, 20th day

The weather was awesome. We walked around in shorts. The view on the mountains was incredible. There was also a fresh wind, but that was okay.
The first problem we had on that day was that we got lost. Well, we haven't been in a big city for ages and so it's not surprising that we were confused with the traffic signs.
After we solved this problem we biked along the fjord and had a nice cross wind. We read on a electronic scoreboard that the wind has an power of 8. After 20 km riding we had to do a right turn into another valley. The cross wind changed into head wind and riding against an head wind with the power of 8 isn't fun, well, actually it's not really possible. After two hours of hard fighting we did a stop.

in to the valley

This stop was really necessary and with some food in the stomach riding was possible again. We had to do further 15 km's to get to the top of the pass. Five km before the pass we saw an old empty building. We thought about staying there overnight. After a proper look on the map we decided to ride 5 more km's, there should be a refuge.

we got to the refuge


The refuge was for people like us, people who are surprised of the weather conditions. Well, I guess it was more for people who hike but at the moment we could use it as well.

in the refuge

After a good meal (soup and pasta with cheese sauce) we were all so tired that we went to bed (well, went to the benches :-) ). Outside was a terrible storm going on, I was happy at the next morning that the refuge was still there.

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