under the bridge

26.7.99     Oxnadalpass - Varmahildt, under the bridge, 74 km, 4:24 h, 21th day

If you want to feel strong wind you should go that part of iceland. We got up at about 10 and left a few ours later the hut. We biked down the pass, well, biked down is not exact. Normally if you go down a hill with a bike you don't have to pedal. That is not so in iceland. The wind was so strong that we had to push the pedals to move.
After 2 hours we arrived in Varmahildt. That is a small village with a roadhouse. We went into the roadhouse. As soon as we looked on the bill of fare we weren't hungry anymore. Iceland is damn expansive. We decided to wait a few minutes, got a small bowl of chips (they were not so expansive) and sat next to elder people. This people took part at an organized trip with a bus. They had a menu. Some of them didn't like the food or ate on half of the plate, that was our luck. We grabed there plates and ate the rest. I felt a little bit bad but on the other side the food would have been thrown into the rubbish bin.

After this stop we jumped on our bikes and wanted to bike but the wind was so strong now that we couldn't even bike down (a few days later we met some guys who told us that wind strength was about 15). Just after Varamahildt we left the main road and started to cross iceland (have a look on the map below). We crossed the bridge above and decided to put our tents up next to it, so we slept UNDER THE BRIDGE.

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