through the desert

27.7.99    under the bridge - Herverallir, bus trip, 22th day

The wind strength hasn't changed. We discussed if we should wait or get the bus. Well, if we would wait we had to wait a least one day and couldn't do anything. The bus is running only once a day. The decision was easy. We caught the bus. The track wasn't asphalt, it crossed iceland right in the middle.

the bike on the bus


The bus driver stopped at every interesting spot. After a while the clouds were gone and we had an awesome view on the Hofjökull and Langjökull. That are two huge glaciers. It is quite impressive to drive through a desert and see a glacier.



After a few hours we reached Herveravellir. This is a hot spot right in the middle of the desert. We were lucky that we stayed there over night. During the afternoon there were heaps of people around, it was really busy. We lay in the hot spot for ages and enjoyed it. The special thing was a pipe with hot water. You could put it in or out, so you could control the temperature of the water (it was damn hot).

in the hot spot with the Hofsjökull in the back


ekstra blöde


After a nice relaxing bath we had some food. We met a group of horseman. They did an organized trip through that part of Iceland. They had 3 horses a day and got a shit load of food every night (they didn't had to carry it as we did). They sad next to us, we were a little bit jealous.


enjoy the next pictures (one of my favorite)

me, Jonas, Martin and Reto (from right)






black, red, black


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