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28.7.99    Herverallir - Gullfoss - Gysir, bus trip, 23th day

I regretted that I have bought the ticket all ready yesterday. It was so nice weather and we had to go by bus. Well, we had a few hours before the bus left Herverallir and so we could walk around a bit more.

awesome weather


sheep on hot springs


We caught our bus at 1 pm, well, there was only one going, the the choice wasn't difficult (and we have paid all ready 40 DM). The bus trip wasn't very nice. It was damn hot (we drove through a desert and the sun was shining). Furthermore my window was steamed up and next to me was a german girl sitting. I guess she tried to impress the whole bus with her english (she spoke really loud).

After a while we reached Gullfoss. There we had a quarter of a hour time which is definitely not enough for this awesome waterfall. Gullfoss is the biggest one in Iceland. Well, it depends how you define big but here it meant the amount of water running down.



iris due to the water steam


We jumped into the bus and drove towards Gysir. That was the next rucktion this day. For those who don't know what a Gysir is. It is a big water fountain. The material beneath the bottom is so hot that the water is heated up. Every 15 min. (that depends on the Gysir) the water is boiling. The pressure inside (there is a small room where all the water is collected) is too high and so you have a fountain which is about 25 m high (you can see it on the left side of the sign).


You don't belive that water can rise up to 25 meters without any pump? Have a look on the next picture.

Timo and me in front of the Gysir

Later on we had an awesome dinner. Well, I guess that one was the worst we ever had. We cook pasta with, no tomato sauce, we had roast sauce. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that the roast sauce was too long cooked and so it stuck to the bottom of the pot. It tasted like ... but we were hungry.

A funny thing in Gysir is the toilet rinsing. Everything is hot in Gysir. There is no cold water blob. So even the toilet is warm (that is really nice early in the morning when on the grass is still frost).

Gysir at night time


The next day we walked around the area and could see a lot of interesting stone formations.

an old Gysir which doesn't work anymore


steam and sun


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