getting back to civilization

29.7.99    Gysir - Reykjavik, 120 km, 6:30 h, 24th day

There was this special feeling in me. We will be back in civilization soon. After 3 weeks being in the nature and meeting only a few people every day that was a little bit crazy.
The sun was shining and we had a good breakfast outside. We left Gysir and rode on our bikes towards Reykjavik. It was really warm and so we could wear only short cloths. After 25 km's we reached Laugavatn, that is a small holiday town (I guess a lot of people from Reykjavik do have a holiday house there). We went to the supermarket and got some food. A bit outside of Laugavatn we lay down on a meadow and enjoyed the sun.
From Laugavatn we had to rode through a highland on a gravel road towards Thingvallavatn. The track was only 25 km's long but it was amazing to ride in this kind of nature. I felt like being in the Sahara. Everything was yellow.

through the desert again


Thingvellir, the first convention site of the Icelanders, isn't so amazing as described in many books. The nature is quite interesting but the old buildings (the first parliament) are not such impressive. The history of Iceland started here. I can't remember when they people met the first time there but it is long ago (I guess about 1000 years). Reykjavik became the capital after a while and so Thingvellir is really small today. I haven't any pictures of the buildings at the moment, sorry about that.

on the road again


We left this Thingvellir, not far from this site we could see a sign: Reykjavik 50 km. It was an odd feeling. We will leave the loneliness and be in a city with 100.000 people.

just before Reykjavik


As we got closer and closer towards Reykjavik the weather became worse and worse. We reached the camping ground and looked around for Martin. We couldn't find him but we met a lot of other guys who we knew from our trip (Jonas and Reto, Jose and some other guys from Switzerland).
After a visit in the swimming pool I jumped on the bike with Jonas and we rode around town to watch stupid Icelanders (more about that later).

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