the capital, a lot of art

30.7.99    Reykjavik, 25th day

We went to town and walked around. I was wondering how much shops there are. Reykjavik is only a small town with 100.000 people and there are shops everywhere. Furthermore everything is quite expansive there, a cd for example coast about 50 DM (25). We looked out for a soccer shirt of the icelandish national team.
All over there is a lot of art in Reykjavik going on. Everywhere you find sculptures.

woman and her child


more sculptures

timo inside the art

I am not sure which museum this was but I was impressed by the architektur.



the same museum

a nice picture inside the famous church (more about that later)

You can spend a lot of time in Reyjavik. I am not such a bit fan of art and so it was a little bit boring. Another interssting thing you can visit is a volcano show.

we are far away

so far away???
street art

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