the most famous building

31.7.99    Reykjavik, 26th day

Today we visited the most famous building of Iceland (I would say it is the most famous one). It is a church with a interesting architecture but before I tell you more, have a look ...

the church


and in colour


even far away from town you can see it


right in front of the church

After doing sightseeing we hung around in town.

to expensive for us

another restaurant

where the people live

an official building

in town

I wasn't such impressed by Reykjavik. Perhaps this has something to do with being so long in the nature. We stayed two days in there, that was enough. Another interesting point to go is the water tower. It is a new building and there is also something like a show in.
About the nightlife and the Icelander (especially the young people). Well, I would call it crazy. I have heard a lot about the drinking behaviour of Nordic people but this is insane. They drink a bit too much and behave sometimes a little bit ugly.

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