south of Reykjavik

1.8.99    Reykjavik - Grindavik, 72 km, 4:15 h, 27th day

Finally we left Reykjvik. I didn't liked the city much but I am also not fan of big cities. I brought Martin to the bus station (his bike was broken). On the way home the Icelander looked a little bit agape. I guess they have never seen a guy riding on two bikes before.

map with Gysir, Thingvellir, Reykjavik, Grindavik and Keflavik

The first 10 km's were boring. We had to get out of town. Then we left the main road and rode through a volcano area. It was totally different again.

tourist toilet


We passed lakes surround by black stone and ash. We all were really tired. Some guys could still laugh, some couldn't.

having fun


black stuff in the nature


After a while we reached a still active area. There came a lot of stuff out of the earth. The colors of the stones were influenced by metals and brimstone.

different colors


Finally we reached Grindavik. We went to the camping ground and had some awesome dinner. Everybody got one third of the cake :-) .

icelandic cake


I met the Swiss guys again whom I have met in Myvatn and Reykjavik. We talked about a lot. Well, we all had experience the last month. I went to bed at 1 pm and thought about: only one more day biking in Iceland.

in the hot spot with the Hofsjökull in the back


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