the last AWESOME day

2.8.99    Grindavik - Keflavik, 95 km, 6:10 h, 28th day

The last day. Well, we had to sleep one more day in Iceland but we planned to sleep under the bridge where we slept when we arrived. So we had to pack the last time our stuff together, put it on our bike and jumping on it. The other slept a little bit longer and so I had time to go to a half island and watch around.



On the half island was a lighthouse. It was yellow painted. It looked amazing in the sun and the blue sky in the back.

lighthouse in the sun and the blue sky


on of my favorite pictures


After I came back from my morning tour we left Grindavik. We split up, Martin went on the shortest way towards the airport. Timo and me went on a gravel road along the sea. It was so lovely weather that we forgot all the difficulties in the last time.

me in front of a church


Also Timo said goodbye at the next possibility. It was so nice in that area that I decided to go a little bit further. I want to go the the nordcap of the half island next to Keflavik. I asked a Icelander if it is possible to surround the half island. She said:"no problem". So I jumped on my bike. After an quarter of an hour I was standing where nothing else was. In front of me was the sea, on the left and the right site was a bay so I had to go back. After a hike through knee deep bush with my bike and 25 kg luggage I was exhausted but I still wanted to cross the half island. So I went further on the road. It took me two more hours with some climbs over fences and other stuff but finally I reached my point of destination. From there I biked with tail wind towards Keflavik.
As soon as I saw the sign "Keflavik" a feeling of happiness was in me. I met the other guys at the camping ground. Due to the fact that the camping ground coast about 15 DM we decided to sleep under the bridge. We invited the two other guys from Swiss. We talked again till 3 pm and wait for the sunrise.

the last sunrise in Iceland

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