the day of departure has come

3.8.99    Keflavik - Frankfurt, 3000 km, 6:10 h, 29th day

I was looking forward to go home. I woke up at 10 am, rode to the camping ground and a shower (well, you shouldn't do that, not paying and having a shower, but we were students). At the shop I run our of money, I couldn't buy apples and bananas and could take only 1 l of milk instead of 1.5 l. From the supermarket I went to the post office. I picked up our two boxes with unnecessary luggage we sent during our tour. After having breakfast we rode to the airport. We had to put the bikes into big plastic bags. After checking in we stayed at the duty free area and waited for our flight. I sat down, listened to some cd's and wrote some stuff in my diary. After one hour we could go to our airplane.

our crew: Martin Dei▀mann, Martin Wenzel, Timo Reith and me


We were lucky, the weather was really nice and so we could see all the places where we have been. It was amazing to see the big Vatnaj÷kul, to see the huge river bed, too see the coast line and to know that you have biked all the way. I guess I will never forget this picture.

our trip


After three hours we arrived in Frankfurt. Some friends picked us up. It was good to be at home. First of all I read an article about Kickers Offenbach, than I ate some German bread and afterwards I went to bed ...

over the clouds


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