From Frankfurt to Bavaria with Didier


Didier from New Zealand visited me. Well, he didn't came the whole way from NZ. He is doing his master and later on his phd in Pavia (next to Milan) in Italy. From there he traveled around europe and came over to me.


barbeque at my parents place

Hey you guys from New Zealand. Come over and I will show you germany, you are always welcome. What are you up to at the moment. Some of you are working in offices (pauli and julian, do you like your job), some do more studding (got an e-mail of langford, he is complaining all the time about how much work he has to do) and others work or study in europe or somewhere else. Would be cool to hear something of you.

Greetings to all of you: Langford, Malcolm, Pauli, Harmish, Julian, Wayne, ... (sorry, I forgot all the other names but Didier told me a lot about you guys, hey, write something into my guestbook).

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