Season have started!

Yesterday in the snow, today in the snow. Just the equipment changed.

Victor's fire truck booming up the hill, Cypress Mountain.


Nice terrain, should come here more often.



It was not slippery, actually it was lots of fun with the snow on the trails.


Bike and Ice, don't see that too often.


More nice woodwork.


First rock face of the season, boom!


Another roll down.

ferris wheel


Victor pinning it.

We packed our stuff together and went home. On the way home it started to snow pretty hard.


I had some lunch - dinner at home, it was already 5pm and I thought the day is over but than I looked out of the window and there were about 15cm of fresh pow at our place. Well, it didn't take long ...



... and the fire department showed up and we were on the way to Grouse Mountain.



At the base station of Grouse Mountain. So I stopped riding at about 4, went home, it snowed like crazy for 3 hours, I ate something and at 7 it was clear sky, isn't that amazing. I must have done something good the day before that the weather god was so good to me.



Can you see already the powder?



Victor after a crash.



Kerstin and Victor, Vancouver in the back.



Get some AIR! The driver of the fire truck even has a jacket of the fire department, full set up.

ferris wheel


Seppel. You wonder why the pants are so white. Well, back in the day when I tried to be fancy and young I bought some sick cord ski pants from burton. Since they are cord snow sticks pretty well to them.



Here are some movies







You wondered perhaps why I called it: Seasons have started. The ski season wasn't that amazing this year. I think snow we had on Grouse was the best snow I had this season so far.

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