Road Bike Season opener to Lech via Flexen Pass

My parents stayed in Lech for a couple of days and invited us to come over for the weekend. Since the weather was nice I jumped on my bike and rode up there.

Leaving my work around noon on Friday.


Not much snow left in the valley.


Riding through the Kloster Tal.


Just before Stuben am Arlberg.


Traffic jam, not for me :-).


Since I am starting to ride professional soon I practiced how it is to have headphones in your ears and get instructions from your team boss, Tour de France, I am coming.


Still a bit to go.


Riding through the galleries, pretty wicked to do this in February.




On the top of Flexen Pass


The road was free of snow on whole ride, only once I turned into the hotel path way I had to stop riding.


The track, provided by


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