Gardasee Bike Festival

4 weeks ago I wrote an e-mail to Marc if we want to take part in the Riva Bike Marathon. He signed up not asking me if I have signed up so I had to sign up as well, not really knowing what that would mean for such an old dude like me.

Getting ready before the race.




Marc and me.



The race was okay, I guess I should have trained more. Also the 2 weeks vacation with lots BBQing in South Africa didn't help. Marc was a bit faster than me.

Good that team luftpumpe was faster than Team Liebherr Lindau

81. Hohmann Marc 1979 GER D-Heuchelheim 4:24.43,2 59.06,3 1442

225. Oppel Sebastian 1979 AUT Luftpumpe 6:06.27,0 2:40.50,1 2239

226. Ehrecke Christoph 1982 GER Team Liebherr Lindau 6:09.26,4 2:43.49,5 929

Total Competitors: 253


If you want to see some pics of the race, click here and type in either 1442 for Marc or 2239 for me:


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