Gardasee Biking

Tremalzo is probably one of the most famous mountains in the area. I used to ride here 15 years ago with Werner and Marc. Pretty cool to come back.
This time we didn't ride to the top since there was snow. Three quarters up we stopped at a hut where we had a pretty good lunch.

Pretty neat terrain


The weather wasn't amazing but still good enough for riding.


Almost could be out a Vaude catalogue.


Looking down to Lago di Ledro.


After the ride we went to Arco with Verena and Marc and had some amazing Pizza at our favourite place where Werner, Marc and I ate Pizza 15 years ago! Somehow I screwed it up with the camera and made a video instead of pictures, well, we need to come back. After the Pizza we went to the bike festival show where you could test every bike of every well known bike manufacturer. If you want to buy a new rig and you want to test it, that would be the place to be.

Thanks Verena and Marc for having us around in your camping mobile home!


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