Race Time

Alex and I signed up for a race event in Flims Laax. The event were three different races on three days. It started with a night race on Friday night, a short fairly technical race with stunts on Saturday and a downhill race on Sunday. It was good fun but we recognized that we got a bit too old for that stuff and we do enjoy normal riding in the nature without another hundred dudes a bit more.

The Night Race on Friday Night


Some other stuff you could do while you weren't racing :-)


The Saturday Race, Alex pinning it!


Wall ride, we didn't do it.


A friend of us, Wolfram.


On Saturday we got ready for the DH race.


Le Mans Start





Full on!




Me After the race.



Alex and me cleaning up the bikes.



Results. We came 188th and 195th of 274, not bad especially if you consider the age of us, everybody else was 10 years younger.



More about the event:



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